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  • The 20 Most Significant Inventions in the History of Food and Drink

    Science experts rank the refrigerator as Invention #1. An Egyptian ploughman, circa 1200 BC (Wikimedia Commons) The Royal Society, the UK’s national academy of science, had a question: What are the most meaningful innovations in humanity’s culinary history? What mattered more to the development of civilization’s cultivation of food: the oven? The fridge? The plough?…

  • Museum of Obsolete Objects

    MoooJvM’s Channel – YouTube Sadly, as our daily lives become more and more digital some things fall by the way side as they are replaced by newer, «better» devices. Let us not forget those fallen appliances, tools and gadgets and relive those bygone times by taking a visit to The Museum of Obsolete Objects. Step…

  • This Day in Tech

    Wired has a great engineering and technology list appropriate to the day called This Day in Tech.  Check out the site and see a plethora of information from a variety of past years and experiences.