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  • I just stumbled across the site 50 Hacks. I like it. Many are familiar and yet, I learned something new before I had to scroll off the first few upvoted hacks: Habit Gardens and Buddy Crush.

    I know where I am going to use them today! I am planning on using Buddy Crush for Illustrative Life Journaling from the person who brought it to me.

  • The image above is from a post on a pragmatic guide to the GTD method .

    For myself, I am reorganizing myself with an Anti-ToDo list for when I don’t want to do something but enjoy reminding myself of how I like to spend my time AND I am using the new Google tool called Tables.

    In my Table I have organized actionable items into High, Medium, and Low categories and then included Tag categories for my home location, Health, Errands, Fam/Friends, when I return to my previously called Home city, a Personal List and a Bucket List. I have goals for each item so I know when to remove it, or in the case of the goal “Adulting” I know why it is so hard to conjure up the energy to do it. The entire thing is a work in progress and it is supplemented by a paper list of Today’s MustDo items so I can organize. So far, not a perfect system but the 2022 variation.

  • I am going to need a professional development plan that continues my education in Engineering. I will start that on Monday. Noted but not Action Taken

  • I didn’t know what an Engineer was or precisely what they studied when I left High School. Nobody was an Engineer or spoke like they knew what an Engineer was.

    In college I heard the folklore statement that “an engineer can do for a dime what any fool can do for a dollar” or something similar. And that really didn’t really encapsulate a workable definition or promote an understanding of the analytical approach, ethical care, and problem solving hubris that defines the Engineers across disciplines that I have known and cared about throughout my career.

    And so we have the squirrels and Mark Rober and while Mark is undoubtedly one of the Engineers in this video…well, there may be some analytical skills in Phat Gus as well.

    Time well spent designing and building the backyard maze, or any project.