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  • Happy National Engineer’s Week

    It’s National Engineers Week (February 19-25)! To celebrate, MIT PressLog conducted a series of Q&As with the authors of their new Engineering Systems series books, which they will post over the next couple of days.  Read all the rest on their site, a site I have been reading for as long as I remember and…

  • Engineering simulates what it is like to be 75

    What’s it like to be 75 years old? The folks at MIT have a way to work with that issue. Read the full article and see related links, and wonderful things, by J The U.S. population of persons 65 years or older numbered 39.6 million in 2009 and is expected to increase to 72.1 million…

  • MIT Machine Shop Videos

    Image via Wikipedia These are a great series of instructional MIT videos on “Machining Skills for Prototype Development.” Quite a nice little introduction to basic machine shop skills. MIT TechTV — Machine Shop 1