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Kölsch, a Summer Beer

The glasses in use are THE appropriate ones for a Kölsch

Walker Engineering has been experimenting with local beers in an attempt to determine the appropriate Summer Beer for company social events.  Mind you, we live in Portland and summer has not started yet, but it might any minute.  We have selected Kölsch for this summer.  There is a nice article in the NYTimes summarizing the information about Kölsch.

From the NYTimes:

What is it about Kölsch? Well, it’s a snappy and beautifully refreshing golden ale, bright without being overbearing. From the first sniff of its grainy, malty aroma, to the delicately fruity, lightly bitter flavors in the mouth, to the brisk, clean, energetic feeling after you swallow, a good Kölsch offers a smooth journey of sensations that may be unremarkable individually but are extraordinarily pleasant as an ensemble.