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How big is the house of your dreams?

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Logan Smith and Tammy Strobel’s tiny house.


PORTLAND, Ore. – How big is the house of your dreams?

For a Portland couple, it’s about the size of a parking space.

Tammy Strobel and Logan Smith’s 128 square foot home could probably fit into your bedroom with room to spare.

“We look at it as an adventure,” said Tammy.

Tammy and Logan embraced a national trend toward smaller, simpler living to save resources and money.

Their tiny house sits on a yard that they rent, they do laundry at a nearby house and shower often at the gym or at work.

The couple said their last home, a 400 square foot apartment in Northwest Portland, was too big and didn’t feel right.

Now they still feel like they have plenty of room.

“This house fits us like tailored clothing, in that we designed it to fit our needs. No more, no less,” said Logan.

With less house, less cleaning, fewer things and no mortgage, Tammy and Logan said they have more time to focus on what’s important to them: relationships.

“At first our family and friends thought we were a little on the crazy side,” said Logan. “Now they think we’re at the head of the pack."