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Infographic: LinkedIn Profile Must-Haves

17 LinkedIn Profile Must-Haves [infographic]

Linkedin is an online network that allows you to manage your professional identity by networking with potential employers online. All you have to do is make a profile, from there you’ll get to discover new, professional opportunities, all while learning about the latest news, opportunities, and business ventures.  It’s pretty much the young professional’s version of Facebook.

However, because it’s an online profile, some people can get a little sloppy with building their professional identity on this site. Thankfully, Maximize Social Business, created this savvy infographic listing 17 Linkedin profile must haves. Small details such as adding a professional photo (no bathroom mirror pics please), and using your full, professional name can bring a lot more game to your professional career. Check out today’s infographic for more tips to make your Linkedin profile a competitive one! [via]



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