Tidbit: Determining How The World Ships

Vesselfinder, https://www.vesselfinder.com/, is not the only ship tracking site out there. I reached out to someone in shipping and they use another site and so it goes. Still, the idea of watching ships at sea, or navigating the great lakes, or rivers, provides a sense of where cargo goes and how the material in the world actually travels. This should be required for everyone to know.

Tidbit: Snowman Calculator

With a possibility of snow > 0% I immediately happened upon this calculator https://www.omnicalculator.com/other/snowman which

As winter is coming again, it’s time we started thinking of our snowy friends ⛄⛄⛄ This snowman calculator is here to assist you in designing the snowman of your dreams based on the principles of science and postulates of mathematical beauty!


…and having sent this around to folks to test today the primary complaint is that where it the fun of creating an overly large base that is so large you can no longer roll it around the yard.

Feel free to ignore the calculator and simply consume 80% of the snow in your yard making a giant snowball. That said, I do recall this article from years gone by where a “giant runaway snowball crashed into a Reed dorm….” https://www.reed.edu/reed_magazine/sallyportal/posts/2014/giant-snowball-batters-reed-dorm.html

Engineering Reference: Mechanical Movement

This is an online edition of the classic technical reference Five Hundred and Seven Mechanical Movements by Henry T. Brown.

This site contains the original illustrations and text from the 21st edition of the book, published in 1908. It also includes animated versions of the illustrations, and occasional notes by the webmaster.