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Author: John Walker

  • 50 Hacks

    I just stumbled across the site 50 Hacks. I like it. Many are familiar and yet, I learned something new before I had to scroll off the first few upvoted hacks: Habit Gardens and Buddy Crush. I know where I am going to use them today! I am planning on using Buddy Crush for Illustrative…

  • Revising Managing My ToDo List

    The image above is from a post on a pragmatic guide to the GTD method . For myself, I am reorganizing myself with an Anti-ToDo list for when I don’t want to do something but enjoy reminding myself of how I like to spend my time AND I am using the new Google tool…

  • Next: Professional Development

    I am going to need a professional development plan that continues my education in Engineering. I will start that on Monday. Noted but not Action Taken

  • Engineers and Squirrels

    I didn’t know what an Engineer was or precisely what they studied when I left High School. Nobody was an Engineer or spoke like they knew what an Engineer was. In college I heard the folklore statement that “an engineer can do for a dime what any fool can do for a dollar” or something…