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Today I was using which has a lot of free tools, an extensive engineering library, directories, and as a result is a online destination for engineers.  If nothing else, browse the library, and don’t miss the article on the hovercraft as fall is approaching and as an engineer you don’t expect to use your leaf blower for leaves.  Now do you?   Sometimes I wonder if we share enough as a discipline so I though I would mention this one resource for you to look at and bookmark.

From the site: also offers hosted and deployed engineering software and services to manufacturers, design consultants and engineering students around the world. In addition offers the following resources to the engineering community: Free file sharing, Collaboration Suite, News,Careers Section, Library, Software,Education, and Directories.

UofW Computer Science & Engineering Distinguished Lecturer Series

The public is invited!  I believe we are going to attend some of these events.  Call us if you are interested in getting together in Seattle at one of these.

CSE Distinguished Lecturer Series

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

I ran across an updated career search feature for Careers After College from the Princeton Review, and although you have to register (but can deselect the usual suspects that will email you everything) you can get to a short list of questions to identify a range of careers.  The point to taking the quiz isn’t to give you a definitive answer, but a short list of possible careers that you can research or think about.  Especially with the number of career changes we are all going to experience increasing over time.

Squeeze in exercise at work as well as home

Was it only last October 7th that the new Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans was released by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services?  It was!  The highlight of the new guidelines was the amount of exercise set for adults for a minimum, 2 1/2 hours a week, and for extensive health benefits, five hours a week and two days a week of strengthening activities.

While Walker Engineering is working on a developing research into how to add back exercise into the workplace, much is being done elsewhere.  The Washington Post has the angle for doing work while doing household chores, which, while tiring, don’t necessarily qualify as appropriate, in the article “Too Busy to Squeeze In a Workout?  You Don’t Know Hot Squats.” The article outlines’s co-founder Jenny Hein’s approach to exercise while doing ordinary household chores.

Another interesting approach is to produce work while exercising, the approach Oregon State University is taking while becoming one of the first universities to equip their exercise machines to collect power.  Go Beavs!