Surf the Wave in Oregon for Power

This just crossed my desk tonight, while Walker Engineering doesn’t work directly with power projects we have a passing interest in what goes on in Oregon in emerging technology.  The idea of harvesting power from wave action has got to be, on the surface (pun intended), one of the most interesting developments recently. Read the […]

Standing Workstations: Sitting down all day is killing you

Get off your butt and make some tea if you want to live By Simon Sharwood, Posted in Science, 27th March 2012 07:11 GMT I am writing this blog entry at a standing workstation which a lot of people still view as an oddity despite the data provided in each study that is being published.  […]

Engineering: It’s Like Math But Louder

I just found this on Adafruit, well, actually from Limor Fried on Google+. Formulas and variables and integrals and derivatives: to the casual observer it looks like you’re doing MATH. But you’re NOT. Because when you solve for x, things EXPLODE. You’re doing ENGINEERING. Shirt created, designed and supplied by David Malki !   […]