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  • Next: Professional Development

    I am going to need a professional development plan that continues my education in Engineering. I will start that on Monday. Noted but not Action Taken

  • Engineering Toolbox

    I am having fun with this today! Engineering ToolBox – Resources, Tools and Basic Information for Engineering and Design of Technical Applications!


    Maybe your car is on the actual list On the other hand, you can sign up for an alert as the phasing in of rhe recalled items is going to take some time.  >> May 4: Expansion of recalls will phase in another 35-40 million inflators through 2019. Sign up for our Recall Alerts…

  • The World’s Best Engineering Schools

    From the Business Insider: Some of the best engineering schools in the world serve as feeder programs for the best technology companies out there, like Facebook, Google, and Apple. So, which school is most likely to land you the job you want? Over the past few weeks, we’ve conducted a survey to find out the…

  • Surf the Wave in Oregon for Power

    This just crossed my desk tonight, while Walker Engineering doesn’t work directly with power projects we have a passing interest in what goes on in Oregon in emerging technology.  The idea of harvesting power from wave action has got to be, on the surface (pun intended), one of the most interesting developments recently. Read the…