Barcelona Soccer as a Metaphor for Project Management

Clean inbox, simplified life, 10% solution, all of these are simply one-touch moves taught best is soccer, the team game.  If you are looking to make your team successful, do you need the “guru” or are you trying for a shortcut that education can provide.  Take a look as Barcelona provide a model that all clubs should strive to copy

In the next round of the Champions League Arsenal face a side whose scintillating rhythms are hypnotising the football world

Paul Hayward,, Saturday 12 February 2011 22.04 GMT

    Lionel MessiBarcelona’s Lionel Messi celebrates scoring in the last season’s Champions League quarter-final second leg against Arsenal. Photograph: David Ramos/Associated Press

    In Spain’s 1-0 win over Colombia at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium on Wednesday an unwelcome truth engulfed the locals. To the rest of football it has long been obvious that Barcelona are taking over the world. But nobody expected them to take over Real Madrid.