Your Next House Might Be Printed

The 3D-printed house prototype showcases a new mobile 3D printing machine.

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Tiny Campers: Berlingo House

Transformation of a normal Citroen Berlingo family car into a mini camper for two.


Sustainable Practices

Park Your Office

via inhabitat


Sustainable Practices

Tiny House Tour: Vina’s Sol Haus Tiny House


Visit Vina Lustado’s tiny house in Ojai. She shares great tips on tiny house design and lifestyle!
Her house is a Sol Haus Design tiny house:
Dimensions: 8’6" w X 13’8" h X 20′ L with a 18" bumpout
Total Material/Labor Cost: $40k
Fakro Pivoting Skylights:…

Sustainable Practices

Tiny House: Small Is Beautiful

I am looking into housing options and I keep coming back to Tiny Houses. 

Web designer Alek Lisefski recently completed the Tiny Project, an 8 feet by 20 feet tiny house on wheels.

He designed every inch of this unique home and did most of the construction himself as well (the bulk of the work was completed evenings and weekends during the spring and summer months).

About a month ago, Lisefski towed it from Iowa to its current location in Sebastopol, California, USA.

Since then, he’s been living in the house full-time, along with his girlfriend Anjali and their small dog.