Studying Data to Find When Bad Guys Sleep in Portland

We were researching infographics and the underlying data analysis for customer work and found this gem by trulia insights Do Bad Guys Ever Sleep?

From their article

Crime happens all day long, but when it peaks and wanes really depends on where you live.

After we brought crime maps into the world, we decided take a deeper look at when crime typically happens throughout the day in 25 big cities across the country. What did we find? Well, as the old adage goes, crime doesn’t pay…but it sure does look like it’s working 9 to 5(plus a nightshift) in some cities.

There is the fun of knowing that in Portland there is a crime break from 11-2 and I differ from the site’s authors as to why.  It is the opinion of this firm that everyone is actually lined up at Voodoo Donuts.  No pun intended.

But click on the interactive infographic for what we were after.  Now that is a interesting and engaging display of data.

Top 10 Best Places for Donuts

Every culture has fried dough—German Berliners, Italian zeppole, French beignets, and Indian balushahi—but none can top the gut-busting pleasure of the American donut. It’s the latest iconic food to undergo a renaissance; here are our picks for the best classic and newfangled donut purveyors across the country.

By Andrew Knowlton

Photograph by Sian Kennedy

  • Voodoo Doughnut
    Portland, Oregon
    What Dalí was to art, Voodoo is to donuts. Among their masterpieces are the Dirty Snowball (chocolate cake donut with a pink marshmallow glaze) and the Memphis Mafia (chocolate chips, banana, and peanut butter).22 SW Third Avenue; 503-241-4704;