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Tracking and Billing Time

Chrometa, which only works in Windows, is a time tracking software intended for those of us wanting to know where every last minute goes and it can now be had for free. It’s always been worth checking out, for hourly billing, but previously it cost $99.  And these apps simply never do everything you want them to do.  Chrometa is rolling out a webapp-based platform with a monthly pricing scheme. However, Chrometa Desktop is now a free download for Windows systems. WEngineering is beginning to test it.  We will try to post back and update the information later on.

Chrometa automatically captures and organizes the time you spend on your PC, facilitating your ability to accurately bill all your time. With Chrometa, you just work and Chrometa watches in the background. It logs all your computer activity, and also helps you capture phone and meeting time spent away from your PC. Categorize your activities to clients/projects with a simple drag and drop (just like organizing your Outlook inbox). Because Chrometa is “smart”, it will remember your categorizations for future use, making time reconciliation a snap. Step away from your PC, and Chrometa starts its away timer. When you get back to your PC, it’ll remind you to add a note about your away time. Password protect application access so only you are authorized to view your data. Pause/resume tracking anytime. Block Chrometa from tracking any application. Records and breaks down your time by application, e-mail, Web page, and document. View total times for each item by day, week, month, or a custom date range. Categorize your activities to clients/projects with a single click (just like organizing your Outlook inbox).