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National Engineers Week 2012

At Walker Engineering we are already getting ready for the 2012 National Engineers Week and Introduce a Girl to Engineering 2012.  Get going with the Discover Engineering Toolkit

Engineers Make a World of Difference. Celebrate engineer-volunteerism and outreach.

Collectively, America’s engineers contribute more than one million hours annually to public service. National Engineers Week  Foundation coalition members, with the support of engineering firms and agencies, represent a significant segment of this volunteer force. This year, to help celebrate the 60th anniversary of Engineers Week,  the Foundation is giving special recognition to engineer volunteers! Explore this toolkit for tips on how to recognize and energize your local volunteers; graphics to include on your websites or in print announcements, postcards, and posters; suggestions for outreach opportunities; and much more.

Toolkit Introduction

This toolkit includes a tip sheet of practical ideas and 3 files with graphics to use in promoting the theme Engineers Make a World of Difference, a celebration of Engineer volunteerism.

Source files for In-Design, Illustrator, and/or Photoshop are provided in each directory for users who have access to Adobe desk top publishing software. All files are included in .jpg format for immediate viewing. Pdf files are presented in an editable form. Authorized edits are made in suggested text.