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Locavores R WE

Walker Engineering believes in spending time as well as money on activities that matter.  One sustainable practice we support at Walker Engineering wherever possible is the locavore movement.

Last year when biking across the country, I was fortunate enough to accidentally run into the Meadowview Farmers’ Guild which is actually the Harvest Table restaurant recently featured in the  NYTimes.

On Saturday we were off to visit the Coast Range’s Tallest Waterfall and watch people who never took statics or dynamics try to master these concepts under duress.  On our return we took time to eat at the Blue Goat Restaurant in Amity, OR to support a wonderful restaurant trying to provide a locavore experience close to Portland.  Beautiful town, especially with all the wineries.

Blue Goat Restaurant

506 S. Trade Street
Amity, OR 97101
(503) 835-5170