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Standing Workstation Update

I converted to a standing workstation over the last month.   I have an update on rookie mistakes.  Don’t assume that just because one stands a lot of the day, the conversion won’t mean changes.  The improvement I have made is the mat.  Always one to hunt for a bargain I turned to a nearby Home Depot intent on purchasing EVA Foam Flooring to ease the concrete floor more than the ancient shop pad I was using.   One of the floor people kindly directed me around the end of the aisle to where the Martha Stewart Living Anti-Fatigue Western Weave Mat was located.  I pulled all the mats out and bounced and stood on them and the Martha Stewart clocked in as the “cushiest” by my scientific study.  For $20 it is also the easiest on the wallet.

I write this standing on the Martha Stewart Anti-Fatigue mat from Home Depot.  I am very impressed with the immediate improvement.  I will let you know if it doesn’t hold up.  At $20 this is an upgrade that pays for itself.


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