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WhiteyBoard’s Mission: To Help You Initiate Structure.

about-imgA bit about us, and our company: our products are both innovative and inexpensive alternatives to traditional whiteboards. Even more importantly, they are task-oriented tools that direct activities toward goal attainment.
WhiteyBoard was launched in 2010 by college students Saachi Cywinski, Sherwin Kim and recent grad, Jason Wilk. While studying finance, Saachi became obsessed with using whiteboards. During his senior year, Saachi’s school, Loyola Marymount University opened its much-anticipated, state-of-the-art library – a facility that was covered with dry-erase boards from floor-to-ceiling. Saachi practically lived there, using them night and day. Before long, many others starting using them. "I got crowded out, so I decided to make my own floor-to-ceiling whiteboard," the founder remembers. After searching for a cheap, large-size whiteboard, Cywinski realized there wasn’t one to be found! Voila… through trial and error, the boys formulated a whiteboard sticker that can adhere to any flat surface.