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Manhattan Project B Reactor Tour Opens New Dates

I thought I would never get in to the Manhattan Project B Reactor Tour; however, new dates in July, August, and September have been added.  I took a senior seminar course in History at the U of W back in my day and I recall the look the prof gave me when he couldn’t identify the classification next to my name.  He said an Engineer had never taken a History Seminar in his experience, which appeared to begin with the Project itself.  I worked extremely hard and never really felt comfortable although I did pass with slightly better than a courtesy pass.  I learned a tremendous amount and became fascinated with how different all the Colleges in the University were.

I still have my books on the Manhattan Project, as an Engineering project, it is one of the wonders of the world.  I am looking forward to seeing some of the artifacts and wish I could take the tour with my old Professor and be in over my head all over again.  I wonder if he realized that beyond the history and the environment surrounding the project, there was engineering involved, and that is why I took the course.  Social responsibility courses in Engineering were non-existent at the time and I thought it might be useful to see what made so many people love and hate this technology and its use.