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Cheaper By The Dozen

Via HackCollege

For me a reminder of what I learned AFTER I became a Professsional Industrial Engineer, but useful in life and my practice every day.  The appearance of this review is a reminder of the approach, and I am putting this on my Christmas Reading list this year.  After all these years, Prof D was right, and I had it to learn.

Cheaper by the Dozen is in the public domain and available to read for free online.

the Gilbreths lived a “hacked” life every day. They were always looking at the things they had to do from different perspectives and applying creative solutions to the problems that presented themselves. They learned from success and failure, and constantly sought to reap the maximum reward for their efforts.

If you want to live, work and study productively, read Cheaper by the Dozen. If you wonder how a family of fourteen could possibly operate and still be normal, read Cheaper by the Dozen. If you’re looking for a laugh and a new perspective, read Cheaper by the Dozen.