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Revising Managing My ToDo List

The image above is from a post on a pragmatic guide to the GTD method .

For myself, I am reorganizing myself with an Anti-ToDo list for when I don’t want to do something but enjoy reminding myself of how I like to spend my time AND I am using the new Google tool called Tables.

In my Table I have organized actionable items into High, Medium, and Low categories and then included Tag categories for my home location, Health, Errands, Fam/Friends, when I return to my previously called Home city, a Personal List and a Bucket List. I have goals for each item so I know when to remove it, or in the case of the goal “Adulting” I know why it is so hard to conjure up the energy to do it. The entire thing is a work in progress and it is supplemented by a paper list of Today’s MustDo items so I can organize. So far, not a perfect system but the 2022 variation.