Best ROI on Home Improvement Projects

From Northshore Fireplace

Home is where the heart is, but sometimes it’s also where a homeowner’s savings plan comes into account. Homeowners may have a long wish list of home renovations and projects, and sometimes the work is never done. While return on investment (ROI) may not be the biggest consideration in a homeowner’s mind when deciding which projects make it to the top of the list, knowing which projects see the highest returns may be helpful in the decision-making process.

It IS a fireplace shop.  And besides those actually living in the space, who notices the windows, especially when the house is sold during a Summer House Sale!

I always have to remind myself that thinking about a “bottom five” ranking on a short list is silly.  If the list was 25 items, then the bottom five might well be ones to avoid. No matter how large or small the list someone is always at the bottom and arguing that windows at 77% are not good ROI is a little strange.

So the infographic is fun and informative; however, make your own decisions.



How To Have the Perfect Workday

You might think the perfect workday includes a promotion or a raise, or perhaps your evil boss getting fired. Sadly, such monumental events don’t happen very often.

The good news is that there are plenty of little things you can do to improve both your productivity and your happiness if you feel stuck at your desk all day.

One simple trick is to structure your time better — which includes taking more breaks. In fact, the highest performers work for 52 minutes consecutively before taking a 17-minute break, according to a recent experiment conducted by the productivity app DeskTime.

Other helpful habits are even easier to pick up: Just going outside or taking a few minutes to watch the latest cute cat video can help make you a better worker.

Sure, you might realistically not have enough time to incorporate all these suggestions in your daily routine, but every little bit helps. That’s why we’ve pulled together research and anecdotal evidence from a variety of sources to build the perfect workday.

via [Huffington Post]