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I spent time with Alex helping him with a complicated site built door set.

One Step Forward… Two steps back

Two steps back.

It has been awhile since we have posted anything, and as usual, it feels like so much has happened.  We had so much that we were excited to update you all on, until today when we hit a bit of a…speed bump.  I’m going to give you all a quick update on the past 2 weeks first though.

The French doors, oh boy, those French doors.  The deal that we got on the doors fromReFit on Mississippi ended up costing us just as much as the original sliding glass patio door (not including my sanity, which I lost quite a bit of).  After a week of taking a crack at them on my own, I called in reinforcements.  Tiny house curious engineer extraordinaire, John, came to the rescue.  After another three days of work, we ended up getting those doors in correctly.  What I learned from this whole project?  Buy pre-hung doors.


John fixing one of my mistakes


Thar she swings!!!


Still standing!