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  • Your Next House Might Be Printed

    The 3D-printed house prototype showcases a new mobile 3D printing machine.

  • A/B Testing and 3D Printing

    It is August and the doldrums as far as Engineering and Consulting practices are concerned and that is GREAT.  There is time to take on all the more serious projects that I am too busy with at other times. I setup my new-to-me 3D printer: 3Dsystems Cube 3 and tested it by printing a new…

  • Autodesk Announces Open Source 3D Printing System

    This in from the NYTimes in time for MakerFaire Autodesk is hoping to kick-start three-dimensional printing in much the same way Google spurred smartphone development, with a free operating system. The company announced on Wednesday that later this year it will release an open software platform for 3-D printing, which would enable makers of 3-D…

  • Transplant Jaw Made by 3D Printer

    Read the full article at for the related links, articles and comments. A 3D printer-created lower jaw has been fitted to an 83-year-old woman’s face in what doctors say is the first operation of its kind. The transplant was carried out in June in the Netherlands, but is only now being publicised. The implant…