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A/B Testing and 3D Printing

It is August and the doldrums as far as Engineering and Consulting practices are concerned and that is GREAT.  There is time to take on all the more serious projects that I am too busy with at other times.

I setup my new-to-me 3D printer: 3Dsystems Cube 3 and tested it by printing a new key cap for my keyboard.

Then I got down to serious A/B testing with the setup seen here

2016-07-31 22.55.30

I received a Bean Box from Seattle Roasters and I needed to improve the pour from the machine on the left which doesn’t have the same pressure mechanism as the old Capresso on the right (which is used at work).

2016-08-02 15.46.43What I lacked was a really good espresso tamper, so I printed this one , it turned out great! 

Now I have the rest of the week while I work in the woodshop to complete a thorough A/B test.  So far, the tamper has made a significant improvement regardless of the grinder. 

Pretty snazzy and useful for a second object print.