Conjuring Images of a Bionic Future

And the last one in the series, from NYTimes Dick Loizeaux recently found himself meandering through a noisy New York nightclub. This was unusual; Mr. Loizeaux, a 65-year-old former pastor, began suffering hearing loss nearly a decade ago, and nightclubs are not really his scene. “They’re the absolute worst place to hear anybody talk,” he […]

Pasta Graduates From Alphabet Soup to Advanced Geometry

George L. Legendre Reposted from the NYTimes where you can read the full article and see the Multimedia show and related links.  Well worth it. Interactive Feature Pasta Geometries         George L. Legendre           Sander Huisman did, too — and then he wondered about what mathematical equation would […]

NYTimes: Engineering Majors Most Likely to Burn the Midnight Oil

By REBECCA R. RUIZ Students who major in engineering and the physical sciences can expect to spend more hours in the library than those who take a concentration of courses in business and social sciences, according to a national survey of more than 400,000 undergraduates at nearly 700 colleges and universities. The annual survey, known […]